About Us

Zaad invests in the specialised agri-inputs industry where we currently own, develop, import and distribute a broad range of agronomy, forage and vegetable seeds into mainly Africa, Europe and other emerging international markets. In addition we distribute speciality agro-chemicals into Africa.

We strive towards providing a total agricultural input product solution to our customers through our strategic investment across the agri-input value chain. Our broad range of vegetable, agronomy, forage, and pasture seeds is sourced through our strong international partnerships or through various internal R&D programs.

Our subsidiaries’ extensive distribution networks allow us to be present in more than 100 countries. Our portfolio, product, and geographical mix have been structured to mitigate agri-cycality. The specialised agri-inputs market, and particularly the proprietary hybrid seed segment, remains attractive and we are well positioned to benefit from the growth that it offers.

As a group, we are proud of the extensive R&D capabilities across our subsidiaries in Southern Africa, Europe and the USA, from where new varieties in agronomy and vegetables are bred, tested and commercialised.

Additional investments into the seed value chain include the local production and processing through a network of facilities in Southern Africa and Europe.

Group Leadership Structure

  • Antonie Jacobs - Chief Executive Officer
  • Tinus van Kampen - Chief Financial Officer
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