Zaad to acquire Hygrotech

6 December 2017 | Stellenbosch

Zaad Holdings Limited (“Zaad”), a subsidiary of Zeder, serves as its focused platform for operationally complimentary investments in the strategic agri-inputs sector. Through investments made to date it has established itself as a leading producer, marketer and distributor of a wide variety of agricultural seeds across several countries in Africa and abroad under established names like Agricol, Bakker Brothers and Klein Karoo Seed Marketing.

Zaad has entered into sale of shares agreements in terms of which it will acquire 100% of the issued shares in Hygrotech Properties Proprietary Limited ("Hygrotech"). The acquisition was approved by the Competition Commission.

Hygrotech was founded in 1984 by Habe Roode and has since become a market leader in vegetable seed marketing and distribution in South Africa. Hygrotech offers a “one-stop” agricultural solution, including seed, adjuvants, growth stimulants, seedling systems, fertilisers, foliar feeds, biological products, plant manipulators and mechanical implements.

Habe Roode will remain involved in the management of Hygrotech for the duration of 2018 to assist in vegetable seed matters with regard to worldwide sourcing, maintaining long term relationships and product development. He will thereafter serve as a consultant to the Zaad Group to specifically focus on growing the business of marketing specific vegetable species and varieties for Hygrotech International LLC in the United States of America for the NAFTA region.